Analyzing Data in a Subfield

In writing this work, I not only included multiple literature reviews I took my own field work and applied it to my findings while answering my own research questions. My findings section in this work details the statements I have made and why I have come to the conclusions that I have. In comparing outlooks and data to also past works can provide further backing to my concluding thoughts and further questions to form going forward.

This study brings together social science fields to work together in finding solutions for social structures that can better provide for its people. I not only use data that supports my claims but I also bring in conflicting data and examine how it fits into my findings. Throughout my findings I do not come to concluding ideas but rather make observations hoping the reader will also come to their own independent criticism or approval of the work. In including studies of sociology and psychology, anthropologists can add supporting evidence to

I also add content in my conclusion from the U.S. Department of Commerce, Economics and Statistics Administration, and U.S. Census Bureau. I believe that in showing numerical data on the lower percentage of stay at home mothers during 2007-2009 adds to my claims for shifting societal formation on the family unit. I included small parts of Philippe Bourgois book In Search of Respect: Selling Crack in el Barrio because one of the main points the author makes of this book is that children ultimately are the demographic that suffer in situation of change, I believe that is apparent in the United States because we do not give voice to the child like England and the rest of Europe has. My case study was predominantly white middle to upper class families but in Bourgois analysis of the slums we still see the child sufferings, these are different levels of suffering but that even more so states how we have dismissed the presents of material goods over emotional attention.

The mixture of text included involves also ethnographic literature on effectively writing and interpreting field notes in order to minimize bias. I believe the triangulation of literature from anthropologists, state statistics, and how to set up a ethnographic text allow for the successful structure of this works. The media I chose was based off of the fact that social media was a highlight in my study and using something from instagram goes along with this theme and how young children may be receiving their information and influence from since my findings conclude that there is a large absence in the emotional care from parents and teachers for the youth.

Parent vs. Teacher Perspectives