Data Presentation

This PowerPoint was apart of the presentation at the conclusion of our assigned ethnographic case study experience. I chose to take my findings and create Village Method; a perspective I titled and feel adequately describes the observed findings. The first slide details the beginning stages of how the study was formed. The research and methodology chosen are both outlined with the reasoning for those decisions as well. The goals of the research were explained to the audience in the next slide so while I explained my reflections my classmates would be able to decide for themselves if I had backed up my questions with the appropriate observations by way of specific methods.

While reflecting on the ethnographic process previous works from published authors were used to site claims of success and difficulties during the study, this also allowed readers and my audience to understand further what information was used and why, during this project the focus shifted which is evident in the reflections. The use of pseudonyms is utilized to protect minors and participant anonymity in compliance with IRB and participant request. The process each step of the journey through the ethnographic process is presented on guiding my audience through the process as I had experienced it. By focusing on some of the limitations I experienced I could later support proposals for future studies and approaches to research studies on adolescent sexual maturity.

The slides to come consisted of findings from the field-notes that were meticulously combed over while being continuously reorganized into sensible data. In using transcribed text directly quoted from my participants I was able to give my audience access to the conversations I had had with the multiple parents and teachers I spent time with. In using a chart to minimize the denseness of the research my audience was better able to see the larger message I believed needed to be stated after this data was complied and studied. I was able to include an interview moment with a friend and her niece that supports that gender issues may begin at even younger ages which is precisely why we should be paying attention to these findings.

The theory board included in taking this study further past what has been observed and it is interpreting possibly what may be going on and what possibly we can do to further examine theories from present findings. Social media examples throughout the slide show serve as example of the ideology on the aspects of feminine behavior. Further questions are then presented based off of what the study falls short to explain. The class spent time asking questions and giving feed back on their impressions of the study. Going further I plan to continue this study’s research with first presenting the theory board of the annual University Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) in April of 2017, and further studying in London, England in the Summer of 2017 on a Study Abroad with Michigan State’s Center for Gender in a Global Context department.

Village Method- Navigation of Sexuality in Adolescents